GCSEPod Showcase
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To download a full list of podcasts which have been produced in this brand new style, please click here and then scroll down to your subject area.


The new Computing podcasts mark the arrival of the 20th exam mapped subject covered by GCSEPod. The content covers GCSE courses in Computing for OCR and Computer Science for Edexcel and AQA. We worked with experienced teachers to break down the specifications into manageable chunks so each podcast is short and concise. The clear examples and accompanying images help information stick and the podcasts can be used by all levels of students to reinforce the new secondary curriculum.

GCSEPod currently covers 20 subjects, giving students over 4000+ podcasts. To view more of our award-winning podcasts please call 0191 211 999 or visit www.gcsepod.com.

The podcasts are great, and I like that they have a visual aspect which is helpful and not distracting. They are also not too detailed and therefore gives pupils more chance of absorbing the information.
— Director of ICT, Kings Priory School