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The British Council is sponsoring GCSEPod as it will give schools (students and teachers) the opportunity to access award-winning online educational content.  With thousands of podcasts covering many different subjects, GCSEPod provides a true ‘education anywhere’ experience for mobile learning and revision.  GCSEPod uses the technology already readily available to students (laptops, mobile phones and tablets, school computers) to add an exciting new dimension to their learning.  GCSEPod delivers outstanding results via mobile, tablet or desktop for the best possible impact.

This page is designed for use by British Council Country Exams Managers and contains everything required to launch GCSEPod in your market. 

A highly valuable teaching tool that provides a positive impact on the learning skills of the students.
— Teacher from St. Mary’s Academy, Pakistan

For support or advice rolling out GCSEPod, please contact Helen Newies, GCSEPod Client Services Director, 0044 191 2111 999

How to access gcsepod

All users access GCSEPod from a British Council specific link.  Please ensure that schools and students only ever try to access GCSEPod via this link so that they see the British Council logo and branding before entering the GCSEPod site:

Login at:

how to roll out gcsepod

Student in Pakistan Listening to GCSEPod Podcast

Student in Pakistan Listening to GCSEPod Podcast

Eight British Council markets have already successfully rolled out GCSEPod to over 20,000 students studying with the British Council worldwide.  Each market has chosen a roll out strategy unique to the circumstances and specific needs of the schools; however, certain activities and approaches have been consistently successful.  Please click the link below to download a guide to rolling out GCSEPod in your market.


GCSEPod works on any device type

GCSEPod works on any device type

Each student and teacher that needs access to GCSEPod will be given a unique username and password.   If the student attends a school then the school will need to provide details of each students' name, date of birth, email address and also choose a username and password for that student to use to login.  If the school wishes to give access to teachers, each teachers' name, title (e.g. Mr/Mrs), email address and a selected username and password will also be required. 

To gather this data from your schools, ready for user creation by GCSEPod, please click the buttons below to download the registration templates.  These can be sent to your schools to gather the required data.  Once complete, please send the data directly to

Email addresses: You may notice below that one of the student templates says: "(no email addresses").  If you do not require GCSEPod to email the students directly with their usernames and passwords (please see "Direct mailings to students and teachers" section of the "Guide to Rolling Out GCSEPod" above for more information on this direct mailings service) then please use this template instead of the generic one. 

introducing gcsepod to schools and students

It is vital to the success of GCSEPod that the schools and students utilising the resource have a clear understanding of the main features and benefits and have been given the opportunity to consider how they will utilise the resource in their particular school environment.

Workshop style orientation session, in which school leaders and student representatives come together to receive training and practical hands on experience of the resource, have proved hugely successful in many markets.

To facilitate the delivery of these orientation sessions, please find below a PowerPoint and videos which can be used as part of the training day.  Please also feel free to download and share these videos and presentations with schools that may wish to use them when delivering training to their students. 

user manuals

Click the buttons below to download a full teacher and student user manual.  These can be emailed to schools to distribute or could even be printed and posted to the school's Exams Coordinator to ensure they fully understand how GCSEPod works. 

promotional materials

The promotional materials below have all been designed in collaboration with the British Council visual identity team and therefore can be used to promote GCSEPod to schools in all markets.

If you require a specific design of poster, flyer or other marketing material which is market specific or if you need a higher resolution resource, please contact the GCSEPod Client Services Director, Helen Newies, on 0044 191 2111 999 or email

market specific resources

GCSEPod regularly creates specific resources based on the unique requirements of each market.  These bespoke resources can be commissioned through GCSEPod Client Services Director, Helen Newies.  To give an idea of the options available, please see below some example of market specific resources that have already been produced. 

example Egypt bespoke resources (click image to download)

example sri lanka bespoke resources (click image to download)


example nigeria bespoke resources (click image to download)